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Online Support R Programming

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Online Support R Progamming in 1 day for € 595,-. This day is intended for people who want to get started quickly with R Programming or who already have some knowledge of R Programming but now face a number of questions in practice. Our experienced teacher / specialist will help you a lot further in one day.

The following topics can be discussed:

  • Basics
  • Reading data, performing operations
  • R ProgammingAnswer statistical questions using data selection, descriptive statistics and plots
  • Create tables, interpret them and calculate margins
  • Insight into S3 / S4 methods
  • Working with R Studio projects
  • Writing scripts and functions in R
  • Conduct independence tests on categorical data
  • Execute and interpret advanced (linear) regression methods
  • Execute automatic model selection methods
  • Principles behind graphical analysis methods
  • Producing, adapting and interpreting plot types
  • Geographical component
Online Support R Programming​

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