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Online Support SQL

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Online Support SQL in 1 day for € 595,-. In your work you deal with SQL and you discover that you have certain questions. For example, you work with Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server from PostGreSQL. Our teacher can quickly help you with the basic SQL queries and can also help with the more complex topics such as inner and outer joins, grouping and modify commands.

The following topics can be discussed:

  • Working with spatial databases
  • Connection with QGIS
  • SQL commands such as: geometry, spatial relations, spatial joins, spatial indexing and referencing
  • Working with the database Administrator
  • Loading shapefiles and CSV files
  • Making spatial queries
  • Filtering, presenting and combining data
  • Import / export
  • Working with ODBC (Open DataBase Connectivity)
  • Creating and loading a spatial database

The student may also bring in his / her own subjects and questions. You may also be interested in one of our following courses: PostGreSQL, Foss4g: Spatial SQL with PostgreSQL/PostGIS.

Online Support SQL

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