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Course: PL/SQL Programming


The PL / SQL Programming course lasts 3 days and costs € 1395.

SQL occupies an important place in an Oracle environment. In addition to particularly powerful features, this language also has a number of shortcomings. These shortcomings can in practice be solved with a third generation language. The third generation language that is ideally suited for use in an Oracle environment is PL / SQL.

Content of Course: PL/SQL Programming

PL / SQL allows a lot of extra functionality to be added to a system. The system maintains its full portability. The language can be used in Oracle Developer client applications, but also in the Oracle server itself. PL / SQL programs allow procedures, functions, packages and triggers to be stored in the database. Proper use increases the maintainability, functionality, security and performance of a system.

The concepts and syntax of PL / SQL are discussed in the form of a workshop, that is to say that 60% of the time is spent on creating assignments and the remaining 40% on explanations and demonstrations. The following topics are discussed: structure and syntax, runtime errors, bulk operations, collections, cursor queries, PL / SQL objects such as procedures, functions, packages and triggers.

Learning objectives during this course:

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