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Course: PostGIS & PostgreSQL

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The PostGIS and PostGreSQL course lasts 3 days and costs € 1095. It is the open source counterpart to Oracle Spatial databases. More and more organizations are opting for the affordable open source solution. Like Oracle Spatial, it offers the option of storing spatial data.

Course content

In this course you will learn to set up a PostGreSQL database. Basic knowledge of SQL is required as foreknowledge. The following topics will be discussed: differences with Oracle, connection with QGIS, working with pgAdmin, loading shapefiles and CSV files, creating spatial queries, filtering, presenting and combining data, import / export, working with ODBC (Open DataBase Connectivity). During this course you will create and fill a database and then you will consult and edit this data with GIS.

Learning objectives of the course:

  • The student has an idea of ​​the possibilities of PostGIS and knows the overall differences with Oracle Spatial
  • You can independently build, query and manage a PostGIS database

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