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Course: Practical Laserscanning

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The Practical Laser Scanning course lasts 3 days and costs € 1495. The course continues with at least 3 candidates. It is suitable for surveyors, operators who want to process laser scan data, and project leaders. In recent years, laser scanning technology has expanded enormously. Both the hardware and software have become more user-friendly so that they are suitable for a wider audience. During the Practical Laser Scanning course, you will learn the basic concepts of laser scanning, how to set up a laser scan measurement, how to test the quality and ultimately process the result into a final product. This course is independent of equipment or software. The emphasis is therefore on the geodetic and qualitative aspects of laser scanning. The theory is interspersed with practical exercises. After the course you will be able to choose between different types of scanners, you will have an overview of the available processing software and you can independently carry out a scanning project. The following topics are covered:

  • Theory of laser scanning
  • Types of scanning methods
  • Types of scanners
  • Laser scanning software
  • Setting up a measuring network for multiple setups
  • Scanning a property (inside and outside)
  • Clearing laser scan data
  • Mapping from point cloud
  • Dynamic laser scanning
  • Principle AHN and what it is for
  • Laser scan data and BIM
  • Learning objectives of this course:
  • Learn the basics of laser scanning
  • Being able to set up a laser scan measurement
  • Being able to assess the quality of a measurement
  • Being able to process a measurement

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