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Course: QGIS 3D


This one-day QGIS 3D course costs € 695.

Some prior knowledge of QGIS or another GIS package is recommended.

With the advent of QGIS 3 release it has become possible to create map images in 3-dimensional views. This offers new opportunities to present your data. This includes the display of height differences in the landscape, the display of buildings of a city center, or the display of your own digitized data. During this QGIS 3D course these and other aspects will be discussed, so that you can immediately apply them in practice.

Content of Course: QGIS 3D

First, a number of QGIS basic principles will be briefly explained. After this brief introduction, the QGIS 3D environment will soon be opened. Much of the data that we can display in 3D is also available as open data. This makes it easy and fast to fill 3D views with data. That is why various national and international open data sources are visited. Different exchange formats and the associated properties will also be discussed. After the data has been searched and ready, it will be loaded into the QGIS 3D screen.

Within the data that can be displayed in 3D, two types of files can be distinguished: Grids (images with pixel values) and Vectors (points, lines and areas). Therefore, the display options of grids and vectors will be explained. The data is then displayed in 3D. Finally, you create one or more map layers yourself and add them to the 3D environment.

Learning objectives during this course:

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