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Course: QGIS Advanced

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The QGIS Advanced course lasts 2 days and costs € 995. QGIS is a powerful Desktop GIS solution with no license fees. This course is intended for people who already have some knowledge of QGIS or who have followed the QGIS basic course.

During the two course days, a large number of settings and advanced functionalities of QGIS are discussed. For example, you will learn more about GIS files, datatypes and database connections. These database connections are then used to analyze and process geographic information. Project settings, templates and data presentation are also discussed. This includes the expressions of QGIS at various places in the package.This QGIS Advanced course is aimed at practitioners. This means that you can also provide your own examples. Based on the experience and wishes of the students, topics may or may not be included in the course. The following topics may be covered:

  • Geo-ICT Training Center, The Netherlands -  QGIS AdvancedFiles and databases: Repetition of GIS datatypes and files, Geopackages, PostGreSQL / Postgis connections
  • Project settings: Home folder, Project title, Metadata, Default styles
  • Expressions: Field calculations, Rule-based labels, Rule-based symbologies, Expressions in a print environment
  • Templates: Printer templates, Project templates
  • Analyzes: Repetition of Vector Analyzes, Introduction to graphic models, Raster data analysis
  • Editing: Snapping, Avoid intersections, Tracing existing features, Advanced digitizing, Form attributes, Geometry checks
  • Presentation: Map themes, Atlases, Overview maps

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