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Course: QGIS Intro

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The QGIS Intro course lasts 1 day and costs € 495. You will get to know the package basically, with the emphasis on consulting and analyzing geo-information. This course is the first day of the 3-day QGIS Basic course.


With QGIS you will superimpose layers in vector format and raster format. You can set the layer at which scale the objects are visible on the map. Attention is also paid to text labels, exchange with other systems, thematic presentations and much more. After the basic course QGIS you are a professional user of QGIS. The following topics will be discussed in this first day: general use of QGIS, adding layers, presentation and plot settings, text and labels in QGIS, exchange with Office, thematic presentations, visualization of geo data, use of National Geo Register and other Catalog Services, Unlocking WMS services and using public WMS and Tiling services, searching and retrieving alphanumeric data, PDOK, Openstreet Maps.

Learning objectives during this QGIS Intro course:

  • Import data
  • Format data (symbology)
  • Link with different systems

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