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MOOC: Remote Sensing and Satellite Image Processing with the EOS Platform

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EOS has created a cloud-based platform and analytics tool from which images and analyses of satellite and other earth observation data are derived in real time for application in business, science, and public policy.

In this remote sensing online course you will learn how to use the EOS Platform with real Earth Observation examples! The platform has four main modules.

1. LandViewer

LandViewer is a simple, intuitive web interface that EOS provides as a direct market product to the public. LandViewer allows non-expert users to select a geographic area for analysis, an earth observation data types, and then apply their choice of on-the-fly imagery analytics.


EOS Storage specially developed to store and get the instant access to thousands and thousands of Terabytes of Earth Observation and GIS related data.


EOS Processing is the cloud-based solution for remote sensing analytics. It provides a unique suite of algorithms that extract meaningful information.


Geodata Visualization Tool

What will you learn?

  • All functionalities of the EOS Platform (LandViewer, EOS Storage, EOS Processing, EOS Vision)
  • How to download satellite images
  • Create and manage Areas of Interest (AOIs)
  • Custom RGB visualisations
  • Calculate spectral indices
  • Create temperature maps
  • Perform automatic land classification
  • Create field contours
  • Style data and create maps
  • SQL Requests
Remote Sensing and Satellite Image Processing with the EOS Platform