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Course: Revit Architecture Advanced

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  • Planning and Registration

The Revit Architecture Advanced course lasts 4 days and costs € 1195. With the Revit Architecture Advanced course you will learn advanced and advanced techniques. As foreknowledge, the Revit Architecture Basic course and some work experience with Revit is required.


The range of functions within Revit Architecture is very wide. Below is a summary of which subjects are covered:

  • Importing and exporting files
  • Importing and using external files
  • Export to external files
  • Conceptual design
  • Working with masses
  • Converting masses to building parts
  • Making complicated parts
  • Create and use In-Place families
  • Create and edit component families
  • Create nested families
  • Working with component groups
  • Design and analysis; design in phases
  • Using design options
  • Go through an interference check
  • Room overview with function colors
  • Revit Architecture Worksharing
  • Project sharing with workset
  • Manage working sets with multiple users
  • Working with professionals
  • Working on an environmental design
  • Working with a constructor
  • Advanced Rendering; create a realistic presentation, render an interior by using artificial light

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