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Course: SAS Visual Statistics

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The SAS Visual Statistics course lasts 2 days and costs 995 euros. SAS Visual Statistics is a software package that allows you to interactively research data and is an ideal tool for building and maintaining multiple predictive models. The software is good at visualizing statistics using k-means clustering, scatter diagrams and summary statistics. In addition, the tool allows you to compare models with different model comparison techniques. It is also possible to share and edit models in groups.

In the SAS Visual Statistics course you will learn the basic functionalities of SAS Visual Statistics. You will perform statistical analyzes on different types of data. You will be introduced to multiple statistical models such as regression models and decision-tree models. In addition, you will compare models with each other.

Topics covered in this course are

  • Cluster segmentation and analysis
  • Managing projects and models
  • Linear regression models
  • Logistic regression models
  • Decision trees
  • Compare and score models

Do you want to learn more about SAS software? Take a look at the SAS Visual Analytics and SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning courses on this website.

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