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Course: SketchUp Advanced

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The course lasts 1 day and costs € 495. During the Google SketchUp Advanced course, the more complex matters of SketchUp Pro are discussed. As foreknowledge Sketchup Basic is required. For example, we go deeper into components, intersect with model, project images on curved surfaces, sandbox tools and layout.


During the training, the emphasis will be on setting up the 3D drawings as well and professionally as possible. In addition, during this training SketchUp the following topics are discussed:

  • importing dwg drawings;
  • making animations;
  • setting the transitions;
  • setting up presentations in various scales and
  • views from various directions with SketchUp.

Participants also learn to handle making / storing libraries well. Using a library, often placed on a server and thus accessible to all employees, will bring many benefits. You can also benefit greatly from this if you work independently with libraries.

Learning objectives during this course

  • Make use of advanced functions
  • Making animations and transitions
  • Working with libraries

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