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MOOC: Smart Map in Python Tutorial

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Learn how to build webGIS applications with Python and Django

Welcome to the Smart Map In Python Tutorial Series. In this tutorial series we'll be building a python GIS application from scratch using a variety of open source technologies. The purpose of this tutorial and many more to follow, is to take geospatial analytics and convert it into a functional application. We will be powering our application with a PostgreSQL and PostGIS database. In the front-end we'll use Bootstrap, JavaScript and Ajax. On the server side we'll be using Python 3 Django combined with use of scientific libraries like pandas, for our data transformation and conversion operations. The operating system that we will be working on is Ubuntu Linux 16.04.

What will you learn?

  • How to create smart maps using python
  • Build web maps using Django and Python
  • Adding a Spatial Database to our Django Backend
  • Creating a GeoDjango Application Skeleton
  • Installing and Configuring Atom IDE
  • Installing PostgreSQL and PostGIS
  • Installing Python Django in a Virtual Environment
  • Registering our model in the admin file
Smart Map in Python Tutorial