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MOOC: Spatial Data Analysis with ArcGIS Desktop

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In this course, over 40+ hands-on and practical lectures, I will help you master the most common and important geo-processing tasks that can be performed with ArcGIS Desktop, one of THE MOST important GIS software tools available.

I will also show you the kind of questions answered through Spatial Analysis & data used.


First of all, we’ll start some basic GIS tasks like “Zooming”.

Then, we’ll move into more complex processing tasks like “Geo-Statistics”.

We’ll also deal with some theoretical concepts related to Spatial Data Analysis, and then we’ll focus on implementing some of the most common GIS techniques (all the way showing you how to execute these tasks in ArcGIS Desktop).

The stuff you’ll learn from this course will be extremely useful in terms of you being able to implement it on future Spatial Data projects you’ll be working on (in a variety of disciplines from ecology to engineering).

What will you learn?

  • Have a thorough knowledge of the ArcGIS Interface and Functionality
  • Learn about the different toolboxes in ArcGIS and what they can do
  • Carry out practical spatial data analysis tasks, geo-processing and mapping using ArcGIS Desktop
  • Learn about advanced topics such as geostatistics and carry them out on actual data
  • Visualize and map spatial data
  • Show off your skills to employers by working with actual spatial data & presenting the outputs as maps
  • Start analyzing spatial data for your own projects in ArcGIS Desktop like a pro
Spatial Data Analysis with ArcGIS Desktop