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This STATA course lasts 3 days and costs € 1395. Basic knowledge of statistics is required as prior knowledge. The STATA statistics package was originally marketed by StataCorp. It is a strong analysis package with which statistical analysis and data simulations can be made quickly and conveniently. STATA is a combination of "statistics" and "analysis". Its strengths are: high-speed statistical testing and easy-to-learn command-based user interface


This course is a first introduction. The aim of the course is to be able to use STATA in performing statistical analyzes and generating graphs.

On the first day, a short refresher course in statistics is given. Furthermore, the package is explained basically. The conventions are discussed and the data editor is examined. After the first day, the student is able to load data into STATA. In addition, he knows his way around the various aspects of the STATA user interface.

On the second day, the student learns to load data and present this data in the clearest possible way. Simple tests such as the chi squared and the t-test are performed. It is explained when which test can be performed and what the preconditions for these tests are. At the end of this day, the student can perform simple data analyzes and indicate significances.

The third and last day, the more complex tests are discussed. It states what can be done when data does not meet the parameters of a parametric test and how the power of an investigation should be analyzed. The help function is also discussed, as well as the various additional functions that can be loaded. In this way, at the end of day three, the student knows how to perform the somewhat more difficult statistical tests, and what to turn to if it does not work in the practical field.

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