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Course: STATA Spatial


This one-day course costs € 695.

STATA is a statistical software package to manage data and perform analyzes. StataCorp is the company behind STATA. There is also the option to perform spatial analyzes. For example, various visualisations can be made, including point cards and choroplates. In addition, spatial analyzes can be performed. For example, it is possible to determine spatial proximity and to determine spatial autocorrelation. Spatial regression models can even be drawn up. In preparation for this course, it is useful to follow the basic STATA course first.

Content of Course: STATA Spatial

First, the six commonly used commands will be discussed (spmap, spgrid, pkde, spatwmat, spatsgsa and spatlsa). These commands include documentation that will be discussed in detail. This allows you to get started faster after the course. After these commands, the aspect of space in the broad sense of the word will first be briefly discussed. Particular attention will be paid to points and polygons representing different spatial types. After this a number of maps will be created with the spmap command. Spatial statistical analyzes will then be performed. This could include kernel densities, spatial weights matrix, spatial autocorrelation and spatial regression.

Learning objectives during this course:

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