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Course: SuperMap 2D Basic

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The SuperMap 2D Basic course lasts 3 days and costs € 1395. In this training you will learn how to use SuperMap GIS. SuperMap GIS is developed by SuperMap Software Co. and is a complete integration of a range of GIS platform software, including Desktop GIS, Service GIS, Component GIS, Mobile GIS platforms and spatial data production, processing and management tools. Through continuous technological innovation, market research and experience, SuperMap GIS has built a good GIS software brand.


You will learn how to overlay layers in vector format and raster format. You will also learn to set the scale at which the objects become visible in the map. Attention is also paid to text labels, exchange with other systems, and thematic presentations. After the course you will be a professional user of SuperMap GIS. A topic that we will touch on in the course is the general use of SuperMap GIS. After which we will add several layers. We can place all kinds of texts and labels on this layer. Thematic representations can also be made. Finally, we will learn to present our maps and how to plot them. We will then briefly look at the exchange with the office. You do various exercises with cards from different disciplines.

Learning objectives during this course

  • Able to work independently with SuperMap GIS
  • Can work with vector and raster formats
  • Present data with SuperMap GIS

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