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Course: SuperMap 3D Basic


The SuperMap 3D Basic course lasts 2 days and costs € 1095.

SuperMap GIS is developed by SuperMap Software Co. and is a complete integration of a range of GIS platform software, including Desktop GIS, Service GIS, Component GIS, Mobile GIS platforms and spatial data production, processing and management tools. Through continuous technological innovation, market research and experience, SuperMap GIS has built a good GIS software brand. As a basis, it is advisable to first follow the basic course.

Content of Course: SuperMap 3D Basic

You will learn to use SuperMap geoprocessing, modeling and analysis tools to solve a variety of issues. Various modeling techniques for geographical analyzes are discussed. This teaches you to choose the best technique for performing these analyzes. The exercises we use are based on practice and you will easily be able to relate them to your own work. We also pay a lot of attention to raster data and spatial analysis tools. The concepts of a grid data oriented GIS are also discussed in this training. Finally, attention is paid to issues that can best be solved with geographical analyzes in a grid environment.

Learning objectives during this course:

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