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Course: TatukGIS Advanced

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The TatukGIS Advanced course lasts 3 days and costs € 1050. In this training you will learn to deal with the functions in TatukGIS that are a bit more complex. As foreknowledge TatukGIS Basic is required.


You learn to present thematically based on data from different data sources, for example based on views in Oracle or tables in Access or SQL server. You will also learn more about grid formats. As an exercise you will get a map image from Google Maps and fit it into your Tatuk GIS environment. You will also present thematically with Multiple Variable Thematic Maps. Subjects covered in the course are:

  • Present thematically with Surface and 3D Maps
  • Create and edit Map Objects
  • Data Queries with SQL
  • Geographic Operators and Functions
  • ODBC Basics with MapInfo Professional
  • Update Column
  • MapBasic
  • Graphic filters
  • Create webmaps with the HTML Image Map Tool

Learning objectives of this course

  • After this course, the student performs complex analyzes with TatukGIS
  • You can create complex thematic presentations in TatukGIS

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