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Course: TMAP GIS

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The TMAP GIS course lasts 2 days and costs € 1195. It is the standard method in the field of structured testing. In the course TMAP you learn to apply test techniques when testing GIS systems. The student obtains knowledge of TMAP and the terminology. A number of GIS test cases are used as an example. Various exercises are done during the course. The following are very important when testing GIS systems:

Search. Searching is very important for a GIS. It is therefore important to test that filters are set correctly and that the correct search criteria are then applied. When a user changes search criteria, the search result must be checked.

Mapping. We must verify that the correct results are displayed geographically, including various icons, names, legends, routes and colors. Some maps also have night mode and 3D mode. Sometimes water surfaces or green areas in night mode may be displayed incorrectly.

Compatibility. Because GIS is always complex and contains many images, testers have to test in different environments. Currently, many GIS also have mobile versions, and some behaviors for mobile platforms are different.

Learning goals:

  • Knowledge of testing in general and of GIS systems in particular.
  • The student is prepared for the TMAP Next exam from EXIN.
  • The student has obtained a number of handles with which he can immediately start working at the workplace
  • The participant obtains knowledge and insight in various assessment techniques such as Consistency
  • Inspection, Cognitive Walkthrough, Model-Based
  • Inspection, Pluralistic Walkthrough, Focus Groups
  • Reverse Card Sorting

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