Platform for starters in the geo sector

200 courses, 20 online supports, 60 moocs,

10 work to work trajectories,

30 trainees

Geo-ICT Traineeship - Platform for starters in the geosector

Geo-ICT Trainees

  • Would you like to work as a trainee in the fast-growing geo-sector ? And do you want to start with a salary between € 1750 and € 2400?
  • Do you have a college degree and do you want to start your (first) paid job? And drive your first lease car?
  • Do you want to study one day a week and be deployed four days a week on various GIS and Geo-ICT projects at various clients?
  • Would you like to participate in the part-time MSc UniGIS paid by us at the Free University of Amsterdam.
  •  Are you interested? Then browse through our course catalog and our job catalog. And check out our blogs and our videos.

These guys have already found their ways to the geo sector.

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    NaamAan slag bijFunctie 
    Annika Lemmen
    Gemeente ApeldoornBGT Beheerder
    Kaj Verswijver
    Mateboer GIS Specialist
    Patrick Kusters
    Gwenda Sanders
    Visser en Smit HanabWerkvoorbereider
    Simon Liu
    Laurens van der Kamp
    AllinqCAD Tekenaar
    Sytze Jagersma
    Ingenieursbureau MUGLandmeetkundige
    Harun Hassan
    DoverCAD Tekenaar
    Karl van Beek
    Gemeente West- Maas en WaalBGT Beheerder
    Erik Leusink
    MateboerGIS Specialist
    Chantal Garttener
    TennetGIS Specialist
    Jacob Dekker
    Meet BVLandmeetkundige