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Cursus: Web Django

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The Web Django programming course lasts 3 days and costs € 1650. The Django Web Development course is intended for developers who want to use this Framework for creating Web Applications in Python. Participants learn to use the Framework for developing Python Web Applications. Prior knowledge of Python is not necessary, but it can promote the learning process. For example, you can take the basic python course to increase your knowledge in this area.


First, an overview is given of the architecture of the framework. How it can be installed and how can the Admin application be used? Next, the MVT pattern and how Models are mapped to the database are discussed. The different Field types and the data access API are discussed. Views and URLs are also discussed. This discusses the use of regular expressions when mapping to views.

Subsequently, the use of templates in the construction of views is discussed. The creation of Forms to absorb the input of the user is also discussed. Attention is also paid to the validation of Forms and the use of the so-called ModelForms derived from Model classes. Subsequently, Object Relational Mapping and performance optimization when approaching the database are discussed in detail. Finally, a number of advanced topics are on the program, such as authentication, working with the REST Services and Unit Testing. By the end of the course, the participants have built a complete application with a REST interface.

Learning objectives of the course

  • After the Web Django course you can independently create Django applications
  • You have an idea of ​​the pros and cons of Django as a framework

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