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Course: WebGIS

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This WebGIS course lasts 3 days and costs € 1395. Within GIS it is not necessary to be able to program. But it does offer many more possibilities if you can program. In this course we will make webmaps. Initially we will use the programming languages ​​PHP, HTML and Javascript for this. We will also update the PostgreSQL database to store the data we want to present. Some prior knowledge of programming and databases is desirable but not required. You can, for example, follow the PostGIS course. Or learn to program the course with Python.


During this WebGIS course we will first look at which different parts are needed to create a webmap. We will start with placing a background in the web folder. Then with Leaflet we will place a number of geographical elements in the web map. After that we will place data that we are interested in in PostGIS (database). Then place data from the database in the web folder. Finally, we will perform simple GIS analyzes in the web folder.

Learning objectives of this course

  • After this course, the student can independently create simple web maps with PHP, HTML and JavaScript
  • You understand how the different parts work together to create a web map

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