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Function: Geo Application manager


An application manager is responsible for the optimal functioning of information systems. This can be one information system, but also several at the same time. It is important to ensure the continuity of the system. In addition, an application manager is responsible for completing the organization’s information provision policy. For example for the part of geo information.

Tasks of an application manager

  • Co-management and (further) development of (geo) applications.
  • Analyzing and resolving incidents, identifying underlying problems, trends and other developments.
  • Translating user wishes when adjusting the (geo) applications
  • Conducting acceptance tests.
  • Teach users the correct use of (geo) applications.
  • Maintaining contact with various suppliers and specialists on the one hand and end users on the other.
  • Contribute to the construction and management of (custom) Geo-ICT solutions.
  • Manage, maintain, inform and support the documentation of the application.
  • Advising on the purchase or expansion of equipment and software.
  • Point of contact about contracts for external suppliers and technical administrators.
  • Translate information needs into functionalities aimed at optimal use of applications.
  • Manage and administer change requests in response to user organization requests or legislative changes.
  • Determining the impact of change requests on business processes, systems and administrative organization.
  • Request information about function from the catalogue


    The Application Management employee has followed the standard courses of Geo-ICT Training Center, the Netherlands. In addition, he has taken one or more of the following courses:

    From the Geo-ICT Training Center, the Netherlands, the Application Management Employee is deployed at clients such as municipalities, central government, cadastre, engineering bureau, water boards, provinces and contractors.

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