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MOOC: Geo-Apps


Building apps in ArcGIS is not as difficult as you may have thought. You really don’t need to be an experienced programmer to build nice and meaningful Geo-Apps. You learn to use location data and to combine it with other data. You will learn to build webgis applications that run on multiple devices such as tablet PCs, laptops and smartphones. If you are an experienced developer, you are able to unlock data by building APIs. You can make contact with other developers in our GIS and Geo-ICT community. You will be amazed at what is already possible.

In this Massive Online Open Course you will get started with:

  • ArcGIS Online
  • ArcGIS dashboards
  • ArcGIS Experience Builder
  • ArcGIS StoryMaps
  • ArcGIS Survey
  • ArcGIS AppStudio Desktop Edition
  • ArcGIS AppStudio

Learning goals

  • Awareness of how to make applications powerful by involving geographic data.
  • Get to know various app templates and story builders with which you can build custom Geo apps.
  • Get to know the ArcGIS Experience Builder and the ArcGIS AppStudio with which you can build custom geo apps.
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