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MOOC: Introduction to Remote Sensing


Do you want to learn what is remote sensing, answer questions about the field, where it is used in the business, what it means to be a remote sensing expert? If you need to answer at least one of these questions, that’s great! You came to the right place. When starting a new career it can be very hard to follow the correct path or paths to succeed. I have some very good news, I created this FREE online course to help you with just that. As a remote sensing expert, I share with you my 10+ years experience in the field to help you start your career in remote sensing and earth observation. Don’t wait, just join this FREE online course and get started!

What is remote sensing?

With a very simple answer, Remote Sensing is the acquisition of information about an object or phenomenon without making physical contact with the help of specially designed sensors installed on observation platforms (satellites, aircraft, UAVs, etc.)

Where is remote sensing used?

Remote Sensing is a technical domain used in many business sectors. Just to show the most important ones: agriculture, forestry, urban monitoring, insurance, ocean surveillance, oil and gas, renewables, air quality management. In each of these sectors, remote sensing plays an important role and the required remote sensing expert is responsible for different workflows.

What skills do I need to get started as a remote sensing expert?

As a multidisciplinary domain, a remote sensing expert must have a good knowledge of both technical and theoretical skills. Just to mention: math and linear algebra are your starting point. Programming languages ​​serve as a tool to implement advanced remote sensing methods. Specific remote sensing software such as ENVI, ERDAS, ORFEO Toolbox, SNAP, QGIS and GRASS will standardize your workflows. Last but not least, insight into the domain you work for, e.g. Agriculture, oil and gas, etc. will make all the difference in achieving your career goals.

What kinds of professions can I find as a remote sensing expert?

There are quite a few functions that a remote sensing expert performs. Geospatial Analyst, Project / Technical Manager, Technical Bidder, Geospatial Administrator, Business Market Analyst, Researcher / Scientist. Just to name a few.