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Course: NVivo


The NVivo course lasts 1 day and costs € 695, –

In this course you will learn how to work with NVivo. This is a qualitative software package for organizing, managing and analyzing qualitative unstructured data. In addition to analyzing text, the package also offers the possibility to analyze photos, video and audio. The strength of NVivo is that it supports the user in doing the analysis by providing insight and overview, but does not take over the analysis process. The tool is used in various sectors such as social sciences, government, forensics and healthcare.

Content of Course: NVivo

This course starts by discussing some basic concepts that are important to know when working with NVivo. The interface, the main functions and the different tabs are discussed on the basis of an example project. Subsequently, the student is guided through the different stages of an analysis process.

Before building a project, the student first learns to import the data into the program and to do an initial exploration. Depending on the research method used, a tree structure is then built from the data (inductive) or from theory (deductive). With this, the student learns to create an overview and order in the imported data. Finally, requesting data, visualizing data and creating memos is also covered in this course.

The following topics are offered during this course:

Learning objectives during this course:

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