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Course: Python Geospatial


This two-day Python Geospatial course costs € 995.

Python is one of the bigger ones among programming languages ​​today. Due to the open source nature of the language, web developers and scientists nowadays use python for various actions. Python and geographic information have been going hand in hand for a long time. ArcGIS, one of the most widely used GIS (Geographic Information Systems), uses python as its scripting language. Python also uses GIS differently, for example QGIS. This course offers an opportunity to learn more about the spatial possibilities within python (Python Geospatial). The Python basic course is a good preparation for the Python Geospatial course. Some experience with geographical data is desirable but not necessary.

Content of Course: Python Geospatial

During this course we will mainly focus on the geographic libraries available for python. The most used libraries are: shapely, geopandas, rasterio and geojson. After some introduction in all these modules we will load geographic data and analyze it further. It will soon become clear that the possibilities are endless. We will work with both vector and raster data to perform and visualize various spatial analyzes.

Learning objectives during this course:

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