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Course: FME Basics

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The FME Desktop Basic course lasts 2 days and costs € 895. Are you dealing with a large number of GIS or CAD formats and sources? Do you want to visualize and convert them in a simple way? Then we will teach you everything about this package.


FME from supplier Safe is an intelligent translator of spatial data and does not stop at a simple conversion from one GIS or CAD format to another. Complex conversions can be performed via the FME transformers and the definition of rules. First, we will load different data formats into FME. Then we can inspect the data with the Data Inspector. If necessary, we can change our data to our own will with various transformations. We can choose the format to which we want to translate our data. Important concepts within FME will then be our main pillars. For example, we will be working with readers and writers. These ensure that we can read and write data. We use so-called transformers to convert data.

Learning objectives during this course:

  • Using transformers
  • Inspect data
  • Working with workspaces

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